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Keep Creating: 83 Ways to Keep Creating the Things You Love is the first book authored by Jason Flamm. It's designed to help you get out of the "I'm too busy!" rut and get back to doing one of the things that makes us human; being creative. 

For Jason, creativity has always resembled play. Without play in our lives, even as adults, we can find ourselves unhappy, unfulfilled and even depressed.

"The opposite of play is not work; it's depression." - Brian Sutton-Smith

Sketchpad Comedy helps people produce comedy. We create live comedy shows, a sketch comedy podcast, workshops and interviews with comedians. This has been our mission since July 2014. Visit Site for more.

Welcome Thru Effingham is a sketch comedy podcast written and performed by Sketchpad Comedy. It chronicles the made up stories and fictional characters of Effingham, IL.

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I write personal stories on Medium.com. You can find them at Medium.com/@jmflamm

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