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Keep Creating Book

Keep Creating: 83 Ways to Keep Creating the Things You Love is the first book written by Jason Flamm. It's designed to help you escape the "I'm too busy" trap and get back to creating things you love.

How often do you say
"I'm too busy?" 

We're all "too busy." And that means a lot of us are racing to cross tasks off a to-do list without thinking about what it's costing us - our creativity. We're not making time for one of the things that makes us human, that makes life worth living - creating things we love.

This is why I wrote:

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Click on image to view in Amazon

Praise for Keep Creating:

I often find myself struggling with perfectionism and insecurity. “Why am I doing this?”, and “Get it done!” are two phrases I will take away from this book.”
— Teckming, Amazon Review
This book made me realize that if I didn’t start creating stuff for myself now then I probably never would. I used the tips in the book to create some extra time just for myself and wrote the first chapter of a book I’ve had outlined for 10 years.
— Ryan, Amazon Review
Jason Flamm is an unstoppable creative force!
— Author Ben Noble
While this book seems to focus on the art of writing, the steps can be applied to many art forms. I can see a painter, a culinary artist, or even a particularly ambitious serial killer benefiting from the book. I would recommend it to anyone. Except serial killers. Please, serial killers, don’t read this book, it will only make you more efficient.
— Amazon Customer

Whether you want to paint more, draw more, write more or make more music, Keep Creating: 83 Ways to Keep Creating the Things You Love can help you bring some much needed creativity back into your busy life with 83 simple strategies that you can apply today (no matter what your schedule looks like).

As we get older we stop playing. But, we don’t have to. Play can live in us and in the things we create.

“The opposite of play is not work; it’s depression.” 
- Brian Sutton-Smith

If you’ve noticed that it's hard to find the time and joy that creation once brought you, Keep Creating: 83 ways to keep creating the things you love will help you rediscover ways to instill play back into your life and avoid the “Im too busy” trap for years to come.

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