Jason Flamm
Writer & Content Creator / Soft Skills Coach
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I am jason.

I am jason.


I’m anything but traditional.

When there are multiple people telling you the same thing, you should probably start listening.

For years, I viewed my non-traditional background as a negative to be hidden deeply within my soul–where one may never unearth it and deem me an imposter in the white collared world.

Recently, however, I’ve come to grips with the fact that it’s actually my past that intrigues people the most.

You can read about my past (my in-laws tell me I share too much) with some of my Medium articles.

Or hear me tell part of my life’s story on episode 19 of this KDHX podcast.

You could also even pick up pieces of it intertwined within the grammatical errors of my first self-published book (I hired an ESL proofreader. Live and learn.)

The crabwise benefits of such life mis-happenings are an unsurpassed work ethic and an incessant feeling of a chip lodged firmly onto one’s shoulder that can only be removed through sustained success.

Which might just my incessant and never-quite-fulfilled need to create things.

Such as Sketchpad Comedy, Welcome Thru Effingham and my everyday life as a copywriter and soft skills coach.

Regardless of how you found me or the reason you decided to read this far down the page, I’m happy you stopped by. And if you’d like to get ahold of me, you can at jmflamm @ gmail dot com. If you’d rather cyber stalk me instead, feel free to click one of the links below.

Feel free to tell me what you find.