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Everything You Need to Write Sketch Comedy (Ebook)

Everything You Need to Write Sketch Comedy (Ebook)


In this short ebook, you'll find exactly what the title says: Everything You Need to Write Sketch Comedy. 

* You'll learn how to come up with ideas for sketches whenever you need them through multiple exercises. 
* You'll be taught how to format your sketch the same way professional writers do it. 
* You get the smaller ebook, 3 Ways to Better Comedy. 
* And your writing will be made easier with the sketch comedy cheat sheet. 

Even with little to no experience you can take the ideas and exercises in this book and create sketch comedy today. 

The book is written by Jason Flamm (author of Keep Creating) and produced by Sketchpad Comedy. 

Sketchpad Comedy was created in 2014 as a way to help people learn how to create and perform sketch comedy in St. Louis, MO. Since then we've helped over 175 writers (many of them brand new to comedy) write and perform hundreds of sketch comedy pieces. Our monthly shows feature a new cast of writers every month. 

Jason Flamm has been in sketch comedy for a good chunk of his life. He's been fortunate to learn from great sketch comedy writers and performers. People such as Kevin McDonald (Kids in the Hall), Rich Talarico (Key & Peele) and Andel Sudik (The Second City). He also graduated from The Improv Shop in St. Louis and taught improv at Bill Chott's The Improv Trick. 

Praise for Sketchpad Comedy 

"Through SketchPAD, Jason Flamm has carved out a special place for sketch comedy in St. Louis, where people new and old to sketch writing can come together and perform with each other." - Stephanie Kozikowski

"A ten a ten a mothafuggin ten." - Rafe Williams

To learn more about Sketchpad visit http://sketchpadcomedy.com or to learn more about Jason Flamm visit http://jasonflamm.com/about

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