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Another Semester of School in the Books

One semester down, 2 (or, at most, 3) to go!

I just finished the spring semester, what has become my 19th year in college. Technically, that’s not correct. I haven’t been in college every year for 19 years. Instead, I’ve gone off and on for 19 years, since graduating high school in 2000.

In a week, I’ll begin the summer semester and, in just a few short weeks, be down to just four classes left to get my four-year bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

It’s pretty nutty to think about going to school that long. My first semester of college was cut short due to depression and feeling like I abandoned my brothers and mother at a time when they needed me.

A few years later, I’d start a long journey going to multiple area community colleges in St. Louis. Early on I decided I wanted to be a pre-school teacher. That lasted three years before I got burnt out and wondered how anyone could possibly do that for their entire life. The kids were great. But, the system was awful. A lot of Early Care and Education credits would later be turned into electives and some would just be extra credits on my transcript.

After that, I decided I should just get my general transfer degree, so that I could keep going to school, even if I had no idea what I wanted to do as my career.

Off and on I went. Usually, I had to quit because of financial trouble. Either I couldn’t afford to go or I needed to work an extra job to pay my bills. I made the mistake of getting married far too young and was not prepared for the amount of responsibility that took.

Once I got into my thirties, I decided to give becoming an Actuary a try. That lasted exactly one semester–after realizing that Calculus 2 was probably about as far as my math brain could take me.

After finishing my two-year degree, I moved onto the University of Missouri-St. Louis to finish my four year degree and finally found what would become my favorite career path–Marketing.

In almost two decades of going to college, I’ve learned a lot. A lot about myself and a lot about how important it is to maintain a growth mindset.

I think most people in my shoes would’ve given up on college a long time ago. If their first choice doesn’t work out, most people just settle for whatever the fall back plan was. But, for me, I’ve always felt like great things are out there, waiting to be found.

Whether it took me four years or what will end up being close to 20, I’m going to be damn proud of finally getting my degree. But, mostly, I’m proud of accepting myself as a lifelong learner and of being someone who is willing to adapt and change over time based on the things he learns about himself and the world he plays a small role in.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even get my Master’s someday.

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