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Since Hand Surgery: Marriage, Getting Fired, & Freelancing

I just realized, in looking at my site, that I haven’t written a blog post on here since my hand surgery.

Rest assured–my hand is A-Okay. In fact, it’s never been better.

But, a lot has happened since last September:

  • I got married (I assume you said congratulations, and so I say ‘Thanks!’)

  • I had Christmas & New Year’s in Florida with my family, where my hand was healed enough to golf–woohoo!

  • In January, I was let go of my Senior Copywriter position at Manifest (I assume you said “I’m sorry” to which I say ‘Don’t be! It was a blessing.’)

  • Subsequently, in January, I also began freelancing

So, in order to make sure this post isn’t 10,000 characters long, let’s just talk about the last part, shall we?

There is one thing worth saying about getting let go for the first time in my life… I’ve always heard people who say “It was for the best” and I would think they were just making themselves feel better. But, now that I’ve gone through this, I actually know it to be true. I was actively looking for a new job and, come to find out, they were actively looking to replace me. Unfortunately, the new boss (the guy I came to the company for left after six months) and I just never saw eye-to-eye and she clearly wanted to get someone else in there. And, that’s fine.

In fact, it’s been great.

Once it happened, I realized that I had a lot more options than just finding another job. Right after it happened, I actually decided that it was a perfect time to finally finish my Bachelor’s degree.

I’ve gone to school, off and on, since 2000. Nearly 20 years. And for the last four years, I’ve been just 20-something credits away from finishing. So, I re-enrolled in school and planning (hoping) to finally get that coveted degree within the next year.

I can’t wait to write the blog article: “It Took Me 20 Years to Get a 4 Year Degree!” - the front page of Medium awaits.

It’s now the end of April and I’ve been officially freelancing for my day job for almost four months now.

The work has been fairly easy to come by and fine. I’ve been pretty lucky that former coworkers stepped up and put in good words to their bosses for me.

The part that has been the biggest struggle for me, however, is that I like working with people. I’m fairly extroverted and I definitely thrive within a team environment. Yesterday, the day after the most amazing Game of Thrones episode ever, I was sad because I had no one to talk to about it with.

There are a few other options up in the air that I hope come to fruition soon.

Freelancing has been fine. But, long term, I’m not sure it’s for me.

I’m also finishing up my first semester back in school. I’ll be nine credits closer to my BSBA (Business Administration) in a week.

So, now you’re all caught up… I’ll try not to wait seven months before posting again.

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