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On being slightly above average at everything

"What thrills you?"

I consider myself a pretty happy guy. I live a great life. I have everything I need. I have pretty much everything I want. Fortunately, my heart's desires don't lead me down the path of super expensive cars or gadgets. 

Essentially, I'm happy.

But, what thrills me?

Today, I wrote about this in my journal and I think I may have come to, at least the beginnings of, a conclusion.

I like to improve.

That's it. 

I don't really like to master things. In fact, I don't finish a lot of things. It's, unfortunately, part of my personality type that I like to start a lot of things, but don't really care about finishing those things. In fact, there are TV shows that I've watched every episode of every season except avoided the series finale.

After all, finishing things means saying goodbye. 

Apparently, I have issues with saying goodbye. 

Instead, I like to improve and improve at everything. Making pizzas, making coffee, writing, playing golf, playing softball, cooking, learning new behavioral psychology methods, typing quicker, making better comedy, producing a better podcast, and on and on.

Once, I improve, I like to teach. I've taught pizza making, trained others on how to make better cappuccinos, how to cook, how to throw a softball pitch correctly, how to swing a golf club better, how to do improv, how to write sketch comedy, and on and on.

That's my wheelhouse it seems.

Slightly above average in everything I do. 

Interestingly enough, it makes me seem "good" at everything. Which is a comment I get sometimes. And I don't mean that to brag. I think the reason I'm that way is directly because of my incessant need to improve constantly at whatever I feel terrible or average at. At least until I feel like I'm better than most people. Then, it's on to the next thing.

So, the question becomes, "what does this mean and how should knowing this about myself affect my life?"

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