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On Vegas

Vegas is surreal. 

Everything is so over-the-top and extreme. 

And that's why people love it. That's why so many people go there and 'get lost' for a weekend. The "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" is so brilliant. It has to be one of the best marketing phrases of all time. Most people, myself included, understand that if you want to 'make it' in show business, you have to learn to represent your self as your heightened self. It's you to the max.

But, doing that every day is uncomfortable. It takes a special person to be able to handle that pressure day in and day out. It's why great artists and performers are paid so well.

In my everyday life, sometimes I'm on and sometimes I choose not to be. I laugh loudly. I do my best to help people enjoy my company. I'm loud and I like to tell and listen to stories. But, sometimes I just want to sit back and absorb. So, I do. I get to have a switch to my overbearing personality.

Vegas is always 'ON'. It has to be.

Every show. Every performance. Every host or hostess. The chefs, celebrity or not. There are people just walking the strip in superhero costumes. Not sure why they are doing that. But, they are. And they're on

One of the benefits of being on all the time is that, typically, it means that your quality is high. When I'm feeling good in a group setting or conversation, I feel like I'm in flow. My jokes are hitting, everyone is laughing, I'm the center of attention. It feels like my best possible self. But, because I turn off, I don't have to worry about burning out or having the pressure that a performer has. I also don't (directly, at least) get paid for being my extreme self.

I get to choose on or off because I don't have to worry about competing with others who are more on, more often than I am. That's not how my job works. 

So, yes, Vegas is great. Great to visit. I don't think I could live here though. I certainly couldn't work here. Fortunately, though, I get to benefit from those that can and do. And I appreciate their efforts.


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