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My Process for Learning is 'Good Enough'

I have a process that I've gone through 100s of times in my life now; 

  1. Something piques my interest
  2. I find information available for free through a Google search
  3. If it continues to interest me, I look for books about it
  4. I buy books
  5. I read more
  6. I look for ways to incorporate what I learned into my life
  7. I move onto the next interest

For me, this method makes sense. When I learn about something, I know it for the rest of my life. Sure, I may not be able to pass some school style test ('definitions', 'use in a sentence' or 'write a 500-word essay about it') and I realize my knowledge of the subject deteriorates as time goes on (because of memory, but also because of that subject evolving over time). 

But, on a foundational and basic level, I now have knowledge of that subject.

And I think that's enough for most things.

For the more important ones, I know that I'll keep going back to them as they evolve or when something else within that subject piques my interest again. 

Learning is a cycle.

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