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A healthy look at my future

Since May of 2017, there have been a lot of reasons to be non-committal to doing stuff on the side. But, this morning I woke up feeling a need for it again. This time, however, I want it to be something physical and 'healthy' instead of creative. I have the luxury of being creative every day with work, but every day I feel like I'm falling further away from being healthy.

I sit all day at work then lounge all night on the couch, until I go to bed. This is a way of life I have never chosen to indulge in for very long periods of time, despite being overweight for most of my life. I shudder at what would happen if I did indeed become immobile for too long.

So, my goal today is to spark an idea that gets me out of that routine. I lean towards sports as opposed to just being really good at going to the gym. I know that being a gym rat is not going to last for me.

I've also been needing something to work on each day, with no real future end in site. Like a really great novel or a painting that's never quite finished. But, maybe the answer is health. I know it'll never end, but I've never looked at it truly as fulfilling that need that I have.


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