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The Get 2 Know Me Project - Idea

Today, as I was walking to my desk from the coffee shop below us, I was egged on about something that's been on my mind lately. It's a little voice that comes around every once in awhile and, for whatever reason, seems to be louder now more than ever. It's a voice that asks "What is your life's work?"

This is a voice that I assume lots of people, especially creatives, have in their heads. 

Whenever it comes, I try to think of new things or ideas and how I can make them my life's work. What am I interested in saying to the world? What legacy am I trying to leave? How can I build something that is sustainable over time?

Then, I think about what medium I want to use; do I hand write it? Should I write it on a computer? Should I draw? Do I collect scraps of inspiration from things I read or see every day?





And the answer that I came to today is 'Yes.'

What if I did all of those things? I like to handwrite, but I also like to type. Sometimes I want to draw. Sometimes I have quotes that are on top of mind. Sometimes I want to experiment with new things or try something and fail miserably at it.

None of this is the wrong answer and, at the same time, none of this is the RIGHT answer. 

But, all of them together- maybe, just maybe, that's the key.

I fight my nature for diversity in creating because I've read that you have to pick one thing. People taut being a specialist. Generalists are looked down upon. 

But, I'm me. It's what I like and I think it's what I can sustain because of the variety it offers. This new line of thinking to this nagging voice in my head combined with the thoughts of yesterday about being irrelevant in 100 years led me to an idea.

An idea that I'm calling the Get 2 Know Me Project.

Sometimes I struggle to write because I'm not sure who I'm writing to. But, what if I decided that I'm going to write to my future family member who lives 100 years in the future? I don't know anything about my great grandparents and I know next to nothing about my grandparents.

If a diary or scrapbook or some piece of information about them existed, I would want to own it. I would read it. I would cherish it. It reasons to think that 100 years from now, someone who came from my line might feel the same.

So, what if I gave that to them?

What if I created, through whatever medium I feel like at the time, things that reflect my ideas, hopes, dreams, successes, or failures? What if I told the story of my life, through my own eyes, and treated each day as though it mattered as much as my beginning and my end? What if I filled in the '-' that will exist on my tombstone? And instead of knowing nothing about me in 100 years, someone could actually get to know me if they want to?

More thoughts need to come on this. But, truth be told, I've already started working on a website. I go hard to the paint. 

What do you think?


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