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Not my best writing, but some of my most necessary.

How can I better celebrate the middle?

When people talk, generally they are discussing the beginning and/or the end of events in their life;

I lost weight.

He got the bad guys in the end.

She became a mother.

Very rarely do we discuss the middle;

I'm struggling with my diet.

He had to chase them around the town in a helicopter.

She wakes up at 11 pm each night to breastfeed.

I find that it's often the middle that we'd all like to be able to escape. We can't wait until we get to the end of whatever it is we're caught in the middle of. And if this desire to get to the end isn't stronger than our desires to just get to an end, then we quit.

I don't remember what it was like to weigh 324 pounds. But, I do remember being told by a doctor that I weighed 416 pounds. I remember celebrating being 299 pounds. Then again when I was 249 pounds. 

I never wanted to weigh 324 pounds, it wasn't my ending.

However, now that I'm in the middle of losing weight again and struggling to stay under 300 pounds, I can wake up tomorrow and be happy to be 297. I don't plan on this being my end weight, though, so I look forward to forgetting all about it.

On our tombstones, it says our name and then it shows our birth year followed by our death year. But, there is an entire life in between those numbers that meant something to that person.

But now, and forever, they will simply be known as a beginning, and an end. And that's only if someone goes to visit their tombstone, during their own middle.

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