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Not my best writing, but some of my most necessary.

Not the super hero name I'd want

Late at night, after I go through the trouble of getting or making a snack, I come back to the couch with my fiance and take a bite of whatever deliciousness was chosen.

In the middle of that bite, my fiance has a habit of saying to me "Are you hungry or are you just wanting to snack?"

It's the single most infuriating moment of my life... every time she does it to me. 

Because, even if I lie and say "I'm still hungry", I soon have to face the truth. Next thing you know, I'm either putting the snack back where it came from or I'm angrily eating the rest of it (to prove how hungry I still was). 

She probably doesn't realize this, but I really appreciate her for doing it. Even if, in the moment, I feel like throwing the bowl of popcorn across the room and screaming "YOU'LL NEVER UNDERSTAND ME!".

Over the years I've been very scared of the idea of subjectivity when it comes to self-awareness. I  consider myself to be a very self-aware person. But, I worry that, at some point, I'll become one of those people who think themselves aware but aren't.

I wholly admit that true objectivity is impossible. But, even in knowing that, for me, it's always the goal to try and get to.

Something I've noticed about myself is that I seem to attract people into my inner circle who are a) very self-aware themselves and b) always willing to share their opinion on things.

I don't know if this was a conscientious choice, but I am beyond grateful for it. Having people like that around allows me to question the things I do with people that I fully trust. Not only trust that they care about me but trust that they care about me enough to be almost hurtfully honest to me.

It's a check-and-balance for my life that eliminates the fear of ever creeping into the person I worry most about becoming; "Lacking Self-Awareness Man."

Because I've run into plenty of those people in my life. And they suck.


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