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Not my best writing, but some of my most necessary.

Better work leads to more work... if you want it to

I knew working for Domino's Pizza as a General Manager had a short ceiling- so, when I was able to- I quit.

I moved up in Starbucks quickly, but noticed that even their General Managers weren't really that happy with the work they were doing- soon after finding that out, I quit.

During that time though, I learned a lot about managing people, a business, and my time.

I was able to use that experience, along with things I'd spent my extra time doing, to get into an industry where there is no ceiling, except the one that I decide to place on it. Spending time on gaining skills that others will pay (and pretty well, I might add) for has an infinite return on investment.

If you are a copywriter, designer, content creator (or any creative really) - you can find work. If you are really good at those things, you can create work for yourself.

It's a different feeling than the previous settings I mentioned, not only in the work you do (and could be doing), but in life in general. I used to try and come up with ways to make money; selling things through eBay, online poker, I even pawned my Playstation and a saxophone once. I felt hopeless more times than I care to remember. 

At my lowest points, I would ask friends and family for money.

That kind of life is so taxing on a person. It's no surprise I was in and out of depression so much. Now, I feel like I'm completely in control and just three years after turning in my Domino's Pizza hat, I'm doing the math on how many hours it would take to earn six-figures this year.

The work is there for me. I just have to take it.


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