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Rules I live by

A friend recently published a blog post expressing his "12 Rules for Creative Living." I thought it was a good exercise, so I spent some time and here's what I came up with for mine:

1. Be kind in everything. 

2. You're owed nothing. In fact, simply being alive is a miracle.

3. Do enough good that, when you die, there are people who genuinely give a shit.

4. Never expect someone to do something you wouldn't do yourself.

5. Give more than you take.

6. Never be embarrassed by your personal taste.

7. Things that are obvious shouldn't have to be said - especially, by you, about you.

8. Someone out there has had it harder than you, so find something to be thankful for no matter your situation.

9. You won't always have the right answers or be the top talent, but you can always outwork everyone else.

10. A difficult conversation is easier to have than a difficult relationship.

11. Life is too short to do work you don't love with people you don't care deeply about.

12. Make the choice that's most interesting.

Limiting this to 12 was tough and all of these pertain to life as well as creativity for me.

What do you think? What creative (or life) rules do you live by?

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