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I author books.


Books I’ve written.

The idea of writing books has always been interesting to me. When I was eight, I discovered that you could turn a cursive “S” into a duck. So, I wrote a multi page mystery comic about a duck detective and his mathematician assistant. I wrote my first self-published book in 2016 and, even though I cringe every time I open it up and notice all the grammatical errors, I’m damn proud of it.

You can find it on    Amazon   .

You can find it on Amazon.

Keep creating: 83 ways to keep creating the things you love

My first self-published book. Throughout my life, I’ve noticed that when I’m happiest is when I’m creating things. “The opposite of play is not work; it’s depression” - Brian Sutton-Smith

That quote was the inspiration behind this book. Self-publishing was one of the hardest things I’ve done. Not just technically (there are SO many steps), but from a personal standpoint. Throughout the project I dealt with imposter syndrome and stopped completely multiple times. Breaking through that uncomfortableness was a huge accomplishment for me and made the entire process worth it.

It’s okay to call yourself a writer. It’s okay to call yourself an artist. Just Keep Creating.

Everything you need to write sketch comedy

Someday, I’m going to finish the actual book. But, for now, this is a free downloadable 22 page eBook on how to write sketch comedy. If you’re into that sort of thing, it’s pretty helpful.

Download it    free   .

Download it free.