Jason Flamm
Copywriter / Soft Skills Teacher

I teach improv for development.


Improv is a tool to becoming your best self.

Since 2011, I’ve taught and performed improv and sketch comedy. Whether it’s to think quicker on the go, improve interpersonal and soft skills or just have a fun team building activity, improv can help.

And if your best self involves becoming a stronger performer, actor, or writer, I can help with that, too.


Improv for business Growth

Fully customizable workshops that focus on areas you or your team are looking to grow. Whether it’s to ace an interview, improve client presentations, shift your career focus or collaborate stronger with a team–I can build a curriculum to help.

Improv for business growth lessons can help with:

  • Communication between teammates and clients/customers

  • Team building and morale

  • Brainstorming and improving creative processes

  • Confidence

  • New interns

  • Preparing for new business pitches

  • …and much more.

Improv for professional development

There isn’t a safer environment to improve professionally than improv. The judgment-free zone that I create with these particular classes are meant to help people accelerate their learning by doing. No powerpoint presentation needed, instead we focus on developing skills that enable you to connect quickly, listen actively, and speak without fear.

Whether for groups or individuals, I can help you improve:

  • Job interview skills

  • Public speaking and presentation skills

  • Confidence and interpersonal skills

  • Adding humor and personality

  • Overall soft skills

  • Team cohesiveness

  • …and much more.

Improv or sketch comedy for performance

If you’re interested in performing or want to improve you (or your team’s) performance, I can help. I’ve been performing improv and sketch comedy since 2011 with well over 200 live shows under my belt and I’ve taught workshops to help groups of all sizes for many different reasons. I have a list of services that I offer for both improv and sketch and for individuals and teams.

My experience:

For improv, I learned under Bill Chott (from The Dana Carvey Show) at the Improv Trick-St. Louis, and I graduated the multi level program of The Improv Shop. I’ve been fortunate to be apart of workshops by Jimmy Carrane (Improv Nerd), David Koechner (Anchorman, The Office), Susan Messing (iO theater), Laura and Rick Hall (Whose Line is it Anyway?) and many more.

For sketch comedy, I started my first ever sketch team The Last Sketch Comedy Show on Earth back in 2011 simply because I had never done sketch before and wanted to learn how to do it. We held our last show on December 21, 2012… the day the world was supposed to end. It didn’t, but our sketch team did. In 2014, I started Sketchpad® Comedy. A comedy organization dedicated to helping anyone and everyone learn how to write and perform sketch comedy.

Through sketch comedy I’ve been fortunate to learn from some of the absolute best, including Kevin McDonald (Kids in the Hall), Rich Talarico (Key and Peele, Review), Michael McCarthy (SNL) and Andel Sudik (The Second City).